Global Sport | Robert Malengreau and Daniel Guinness
GLOBALSPORT - Globalization, Sports, and the Precarity of Masculinity is a project funded by the European Research Council (2012–17).
GLOBALSPORT, Globalization, Sports, Precarity of Masculinity, Niko Besnier
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Author: Robert Malengreau and Daniel Guinness

UmRio players in action during a local tournament, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

20 May Lessons from the Favela: Sport and Social Exclusion in Rio de Janeiro

The mere presence of thirty-two children from a Rio de Janeiro favela at the head office of Novavisão (all names are pseudonyms), a leading Brazilian architecture firm, encapsulated the inequalities of Brazilian society, even as it offered a momentary transcendence from them. The children's stories...

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